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To lead the Evansville hip hop community into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. To equip hip hop artists through encouragement, accountability and resourcing; to provide opportunity and a biblical based world view for those persons desiring to use hip hop culture to reach Evansville for the glory of Jesus Christ.

  • Artist:Beamz

    “It is such a privilege to be apart of this move of God.”” Hearing the Word brings faith, and faith
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  • Artist:Charis

    "I told God I wanted to live for Him and to make music solely for His glory. I believe that
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  • Artist:Kriss

    "Now I glorify our amazing God with every song I make. I am truly blessed to be a part of
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  • Artist:JGP

    "What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?" ~ Yeshua (Jesus)
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  • Last Saturday Nkosi Records was blessed with an opportunity to serve at the Branchville prison near Tell City Indiana. JGP, Charis and Anno were blessed to do a concert for the inmates, and also share messages with their testimonies.
    Not only were the inmates hearts changed, but God used the inmates to effect the hearts of the Artist as well. There were also others who served, Jonathan Boettcher, the Sandifer's (Charis's) parents, Baily Hoag, Marcus Head and a few others. We really appreciate your hearts to serve with us, also taking time out of your personal lives to do a mission with the us.
    After all of the messages and music, the inmates were empowered. So cool to see hardened men softened my the power of the Holy Spirit. It was like, for that moment they were free to be themselves.
    Moral of the story, no man is ever to far away or too close to be changed by Christ.
    Branchville staff and crew, thank you so much for this opportunity, it will always be on our hearts as a life changing experience from God.
    Thank you so much everyone for your thoughts and prayers.
  • When we do shows, our goal is not to sell cd's and T-shirts. It is also not our goal to bring fame to our artists or label. Our sole purpose is to change lives and plant seeds by relating to the culture. This part of our town needs change more than any other neighborhood in Evansville. Evil has a stronghold over these streets. Pray for us as we go into battle and shine light on the darkness. We are thankful to partner with Jimtown Family Community Outreach and Grace Baptist Church in this spiritual war.

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