Artist:CharisI’m a young hip hop artist who began my Christian walk nearly two years ago. Before encountering Christ I would always be smoking weed, pursuing girls, and doing my best to raise my reputation and popularity. I was into partying and other careless activities in order to try to find a sense of identity. I would constantly take advantage of my parents’ generosity by lying to them to get money, to then go spend it on drugs and occasionally alcohol.

In mid 2011 my life was hit hard when my parents experienced some serious problems in their marriage. Leading up to this particular trial my sister had asked me to come to a youth retreat where she would be volunteering. After repeatedly telling her no something came over me that simply demanded I participate in the retreat.

During this retreat I saw a side of God that I’d never experienced before. Incomparable love, genuine friendship, and an abounding grace that could cover all of the mess I’d made. I began to see that I wasn’t the only one who’s messed up in life, and that I no longer had to fight my mess alone. Though this retreat was a great experience I can’t honestly say that that’s when I gave my life to Christ.

During the retreat I met a man who would soon become a great friend and mentor of mine. After the retreat He taught me what it meant to follow Jesus Christ. Soon after I gave my life to Christ and began committing everything I did to Him.

Soon after my decision to follow Christ there came my first major trial. I would love to say I overcame but that is not the case. I entered into a relationship with a girl who I thought was “the one”, but I soon found myself elevating her above the Lord to the point where I began to drift away from Him. I continued to drift until the Lord became only an afterthought. He was no longer at the forefront of my mind when making daily decisions.

It wasn’t until this relationship ended that I realized that love from a girl was never going to be enough to satisfy me. I had encountered a love so much greater than that in my past. A love that this world could never offer me.

It was soon after I began to yearn for my first love again. I began praying and contemplating about him. While writing music I would even hear lyrics in my mind that were Christ glorifying, though I tried to push them away.

I eventually got to the place of true surrender. I told God I wanted to live for Him and to make music solely for His glory. I believe that God has given me a gift and a passion for hip hop music that was given for a purpose. It is now my heart’s desire to glorify Christ with every beat and every rhyme.

I’m very excited to be a part of the Nkosi Records family. I expect to have new music out by September of 2014 that will give me a platform to minister to my community and whomever God gives me.