DSC_0059 (1)Man, I grew up in church . My mom was a minister and my dad, who didn’t live with me, was a pastor. God had been preach to me my entire life. Everyone told me about how great God was and how wonderful his blessings are. From the understanding I got from the church, it seemed awesome to pray to a God for whatever you wanted and he would work in your favor without any relationship or commitment to him. I was half way in and half way out. I would say I loves Christ but I had no concern of keeping his commandments. What I realized was that the God I was living for didn’t exist. I never believed in the God of the bible. I had created the God that I wanted him to be.  

I grew up in Madisonville, Ky. Through out my later years of high school I became very successful. I was a driven individual but mostly I loved the thrill and pride of success. I felt like I was someone because of the awards I reach. That’s where I found my significance. Not in the Lord. I reached many accomplishments throughout high school. I was the class president, Storm Pride athlete of the Year, and Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps (JROTC) overall commander. I seemed to be pretty successful but I didn’t feel it. I felt incomplete. In the bibles sais “God will have no other Gods before him.” In my life success was my God . When I graduated that God fell and crashed like if the London Bridge had fallen. 
Following high school, I attended Middles Tennessee State University. In college because of my lack of finding worth in success , I tried other things. I got into drugs, alcohol, and women and my life really took a turn for the worst. I was depressed, stressed out, and really just not in a good place in my life. Because of being brought up in church I knew who God was. I knew that he existed and I was so tired of the life I was living and it’s incompleteness that I turned to the only thing that could bring me hope. That was Jesus Christ. 
Following giving my life to Christ, I prayed and asked God to put me around Christian people. Of Course the Lord provided. I became a part of the campus outreach ministry at MTSU and began being discipled by the leaders there. Since then God has been molding and sculpting me into his image and I know he will continue that process until the day of completion ( Philippians 1:6 ) .
I now know that “the Lord is God, a faithful God, who keeps his covenant of love to those who love him and keep his commandments.” I believe that and I am striving toward the Cross. 
Musically, I just make music that preaches the gospel, and Christian principles, in a way that can reach the masses. I believe God has gifted me and provided me with all I need to share his good news. 
My name is Don Ready, and I’m Ready for whatever God wants to do in my life.